Our Patch

The animals we chose for our farm are slow growing breeds. They grow
very well on pasture and/or hay and forage for their own food. We chose
animals like these to enable full use of our pastures and our hay field.



American Blackbelly Sheep are hair sheep and originated from
crossbreeding Mouflon, Barbados Blackbelly and Rambouillet sheep.
They grow a winter coat of hair before winter and shed it in the spring.
They are a hair sheep and because they do not grow wool they never
acquire a mutton taste.

Bluefaced Leicester Sheep are from Dishley, Leicestershire in the United
Kingdom. They are a long wool sheep and bred primarily for meat but their
fleece is also popular for handspinning.



Guernsey Goats are being produced in the United States by a
breeding up program using genetics from the Golden Guernsey
breed. A dairy doe is bred with a Golden Guernsey buck and the
resulting doe is also bred to a Golden Guernsey buck until the
level of British Guernsey is reached.



Buckeye Chickens are a dual purpose breed and produce good
quality meat and brown eggs. They are the only chicken breed
originating in Ohio and developed by a woman. Buckeye Chickens
are also included in the Slow Food USAs Ark of Taste, a catalog
of heritage foods in danger of extinction.

Orpington Chickens originated in England and are a dual purpose
breed and produce good quality meat and brown eggs. We raise
Buff Orpingtons, White orpingtons, Black Orpingtons and Blue

Nankin Bantam Chickens are an ancient breed that is thought to
be one of the oldest known bantam chickens. The original point
of origin is unknown but it is believed it arrived in England before
the 1500s.


Silver Fox Rabbits were developed in Ohio and are a multi-purpose
breed. Bred for meat and fur.

Thrianta Rabbits originated in the Netherlands, and were further
developed in Germany in the early 1980s. During the 1990s, the
breed arrived in the United States from both the Netherlands and
England. The Thrianta is a brilliant red rabbit with fawn coloring
under its paws and tail.